A teacher's voice instructs you through a short meditation session.
You will soon leave your body and witness the Big Bang.
As the universe expands through you, look around to manipulate the flow of time.




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• Turn up your brightness to maximum.
• If you have headphones, please wear them to best hear the binaural audio.
• If you have a Gear VR, download "Play Cardboard apps on Gear VR"




Project Lead: Paul Gasca -
Lead Programmer: Alex McChesney - @mcchessers
Lead Artist: Kyle Armstrong -
Music Composer: Jacob Getz - @jacobmgetz
3D Modeller / Dialog Writer: Stephanie Traska -
Voice / Sound FX: Jeff McMillen -
Candle Modeller: Mark Thompson -
Additional Design: David French -
Water FX: CJ Millican -

Sun / Galaxies: Union Assets -
Sun Particle FX: Mirza Beig -
Shockwave Texture: Virginie Moerenhout -
Splash Sound FX: General Series 6000 -
Binaural Beats: Sacred Acoustics -